St Tabeth is run as a society which means that anyone is free to join our association and be able to engage or contribute towards the fulfilment of our vision. Members are responsible for the appointment of an Executive Committee whose purpose is to run the home and who are in turn answerable to the members.

The current make-up of the Executive Committee is as follows;

Founder: Gellie Ruzane

Gellie is the founder and she plays the role of chief evangelist in spreading the word about what St Tabeth is all about.

Trustee: Lydia Bowdeen

Lydia is an experienced health worker based in the United Kingdom. She is a sister to Gellie Ruzane and very early on saw the vision of St Tabeth Children’s Home and how she could help. Starting with education her input gradually grew to be a driver of activity across the board.

Chairperson: Dr Victor Wasara

Dr Victor Wasara, Chairman of St Tabeth Foundation

Dr Wasara is a highly respected real estate entrepreneur with a long history of community involvement through the Lions Club of Gweru. He maintains, records and plans the financial activities of St Tabeth.

Vice Chairman: Hope Nyoni –

Hope Nyoni, the Vice Chairperson of St Tabeth Foundation is a 27 year-old young man who is passionate about children and social work. He holds a class 2:1 degree in Development Studies completed in 2018 at Midlands State University, Zimbabwe. Hope is also skilled in photography, videography and is able to work across media.

Secretary: Assah Moyo

St Tabeth is privileged to count on the expertise of Mr Moyo, whose role is to coordinate all administrative and regulatory processes.

Treasurer: Calvin Vunganai

Committee Member in Charge of OVC Education programs: Accurate Zhou

Committee Member in Charge of Health programs: Theresa Munanzvi

S Marangwanda 524

Director: Shadreck Marangwanda
(Tel: 0027 78 615 2172)

Shadreck is an experienced HR professional. He lends his expertise to the staffing and operational activities at St Tabeth.

Committee Member: Sharon Kanyangarara:
(Tel: 001 781 535 7184)

Sharon has over 15 years experience managing care homes. She provides strategic and planning expertise to St Tabeth.

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Committee Member: Joe Charakupa

Joe is a logistics professional with qualifications in business and marketing. He leads St Tabeth’s, fund raising efforts as well as income generating activities.