Say hello to the St Tabeth children!

Our new residents, Mercy, Rutendo (also known as Chipo) and Ropafadzo are well and truly settling in to the new surroundings having been in the unfortunate position of needing a roof over their heads.

Thanks to the amazing efforts of Mbuya Moyo, the home mother, as well as Mr Assah Moyo, the secretary, who have channelled the will of everyone at St Tabeth and also Gokwe social services to give the girls some much needed stability. There is a marked difference in the girls already and here is hoping they continue to feel at home.

This was the children on the day they arrived.

For those interested in the girl’s beautiful names, Mercy is a common name in Zimbabwe in line with the Christian make up of the country. Rutendo means ‘thankfulness’ in the Shona language and her 2nd name of Chipo means ‘a gift’. Ropafadzo means ‘blessing’ and that is also in the Shona language.