How to help


One of the easiest ways to help St Tabeth is to give money towards the work that our foundation is doing. Money gives us the flexibility take in your support in accordance with your wishes, whether directed at a particular programme or just open to us to apply to our most needy area at a given time.

You can give money via credit or debit card or PayPal by clicking on the link below;


There are opportunities to volunteer your time towards St Tabeth. However much time you have and whatever your experience, you can make a significant difference either remotely or in person

Volunteering can give you the chance to meet new people, learn new skills and our children to get the support they need.


We welcome visitors to the home to come and see the work that is being done to support the children as well as to engage with the children. We feel that being open to visitors can boost morale of both the staff and children and therefore should you be able to visit, please reach out to us.

Do note that out home operates a strick safeguarding policy and all visits are in line with the needs of the children.