Our History

At St Tabeth our primary aim is to give children the propect of a better future by providing shelter, food, clothing and education.

The home arose from the need to alleviate the problems suffered in the Chidoma area as a result of the social and economic climate. Losing both parents is something that happens to children the world over, however it is reality that some places are more deprived than others. Chidoma has infrastructure in the form of roads, schools and clinics, but even by Zimbabwe’s standards none of these are the best. Having grown up in the area it was clear to our founder that something needed to be done to avoid losing the future leaders of the community to poverty, hunger and illiteracy.

The idea of St Tabeth was born in 1995 and a plot of land was bought in 1999 with the aim of building a home in which the orphaned children of Chidoma could be housed and brought up.

Saint Peter raising Tabitha from the deadThe name of the home comes from the name of Saint Tabitha who was a virtuous and kindly woman who belonged to the early Christian community in Joppa. She was known for her good deeds and almsgiving. and having died a sudden death she was brought back to life by Saint Peter.

After a long period without a name, a village elder suggested that the name “St Tabeth” (an anglicised version of the name); a fitting and proper name for this children’s home being built by another virtuous and kindly woman.