Mrs Bowdeen at Chemowa School with the staff and buildings in the background.

The children supported by St Tabeth are enrolled in three local schools, 14 in Chemowa Primary School, 7 in Chidoma Primary Schools and 3 Chidoma Secondary school.

Chemowa Primary School is situated less than a kilometre away from St Tabeth. It is the school with which the closest links have been forged because of this proximity. In addition the school is in desperate need of assistance and it was felt that a close association will help improve conditions within it. The level of teaching and the dedication of the staff can not be faulted however a total upgrade of the infrastructure is required. To date most assistance has been in the form of monetary assistance, however it is hoped that we will soon be able to donate books, materials and supplies.

Chidoma Primary School is further away in the centre of Chidoma Village and is in turn close to Chidoma Secondary School. The secondary school is the only one within a 10 kilometre radius. Eventually all the children will probably attend Chidoma Secondary school. Both the Chidoma schools are better equipped though like all rural Zimbabwe schools there is a lot of room for improvement.