A short tour of St Tabeth

Take a peek around the St Tabeth facilities with Mbuya Moyo.
Have a look and tell us what you think, what we could do better and of course if there is anything you can help us with!


Say hello to the St Tabeth children!

Our new residents, Mercy, Rutendo (also known as Chipo) and Ropafadzo are well and truly settling in to the new surroundings having been in the unfortunate position of needing a roof over their heads.

Thanks to the amazing efforts of Mbuya Moyo, the home mother, as well as Mr Assah Moyo, the secretary, who have channelled the will of everyone at St Tabeth and also Gokwe social services to give the girls some much needed stability. There is a marked difference in the girls already and here is hoping they continue to feel at home.

This was the children on the day they arrived.

For those interested in the girl’s beautiful names, Mercy is a common name in Zimbabwe in line with the Christian make up of the country. Rutendo means ‘thankfulness’ in the Shona language and her 2nd name of Chipo means ‘a gift’. Ropafadzo means ‘blessing’ and that is also in the Shona language.


St Tabeth donates wheelchair to Chidoma family

St Tabeth today donated a wheel chair to the Dube family of Chidoma, to assist with the mobility issues faced by their son.

St Tabeth Secretary Mr Assah Moyo was accompanied by Vice Chairperson Miles in handing over the much needed gift.


St Tabeth welcomes 3 orphaned girl residents

On the 1st of March 2021, Gokwe social welfare office referred 6 new child residents to St Tabeth. Mrs Mellisa Wright from the centre got in touch with St Tabeth secretary Mr Assah Moyo to make the referral and there was no hesitation on the part of St Tabeth in accepting this blessing.

The 3 of the 6 children were promptly brought to Chidoma by social welfare officers Mrs Khumalo and Mrs Wright and Mr Ziso their driver.

They were received by Mrs Moddie Moyo the Headmistress of Chemowa Primary School, Mr Assah Moyo the Secretary of St Tabeth Children’s Home, Mr Willard Mvurumu and Munashe Mpofu a Grade 7 student Chemowa.

The children will become the first full time residents of St Tabeth.

The home continues to need assistance in ensuring that we provide the best possible environment.
Donations and assistance are welcome.


Successful general public meeting held

St Tabeth Foundation this week held a general public meeting open to all our stake holders in the Chidoma District where the home is situated.

Attendance was wonderful as we were graced by the presence of local dignitaries including Headman Chisina, Chief Gumbero, councilor Maruza (Gokwe Chisina ward 25) plus the local kraal heads and community leaders from surrounding areas.

The Chidoma Zion Christian Church members and leadership provided support in co-hosting the meeting which was also attended by district social welfare officials.

On the agenda was a capacity building programme with the aim of officially receiving a parcel of land to be used as a market garden. The meeting also assessed immediate needs for the winter months, incorporating and launched a new fundraising campaign to enhance the financial standing in support of the goals discussed.

Headman Chisina at St Tabeth Nherera Centre, Chidoma.


New fencing supplies arrive

This week a delivery of wire fencing rolls was delivered to the home. The rolls were courtesy of Mrs Lydia Bowdeen the foundation’s Principal who is also the sister of Gellie Ruzane the founder.

A new fence is planned for the proposed garden area to allow the home to conduct some non-profit business with the goal of being self sustaining.


St Tabeth Foundation awarded private voluntary organisation status

St Tabeth Foundation has had registration for a private voluntay organisation certified by the Ministry of Social Welfare.

This is a good time for us to take stock set some goals and keep things moving. This can hopefully facilitate the discussion of those goals and the strategy required.

We thank all our members, local and international supporters as well as civic officials for the support in getting reaching this momentus milestone.


The rains are here

The dry season is now and well and truly over. The rains have been beating down on Chidoma relentlessly for the past two weeks. No we’re no complaining but this is worthy of mention because anyone who knows this part of Africa will know that life still revolves around the rain and what it means for the harvest.

Here’s hoping it stays around long enough to help everyone’s crop to take hold and disappear just in time for us to reap a bumper harvest. 🙂

Lush green Chidoma vegetation.
Lush green Chidoma vegetation. More rain on the horizon.


Bishop Mutendi visits St Tabeth

The spiritual leader of the Zion Christian Church of Zimbabwe this week visited Chidoma to see first hand the remarkable progress being made at St Tabeth.

The Bishop was pleasantly surprised by the ongoing efforts to provide shelter, food and education to local orphans which he said was in keeping with the Christian ethos that has spurred on his own church in establishing 16 schools across Zimbabwe.

The spiritual leader of the ZCC, Bishop Mutendi.
The spiritual leader of the ZCC, Bishop Mutendi, at St Tabeth.


Aids in Zimbabwe by the numbers

It’s fair to say that there is a distinct link between HIV/AIDS and the number of children who are orphaned worldwide.

The HIV/AIDS issue is bigger than the local community in which our centre is based and for that reason I thought it appropriate today being World AIDS day to collect a few of facts and figures that illustrate the severity of the problem in Zimbabwe.

  • 1,000,000 – Zimbabwe has a higher number of orphans, in proportion to its population, than any other country in the world, according to UNICEF.
  • 150,000 – Estimated number of Zimbabwean children living with HIV/AIDS.
  • 47 – Average life expectancy for women, who are particularly affected by Zimbabwe’s AIDS epidemic, is 47.6
  • 29.5 – The death rate of children under the age of 5 (infant mortality) has doubled since 1990.5
  • 14.3% – Population currently estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe. Down from an estimated peak of 26.3%

From the figures above it’s fair to say the situation is bad though it is getting better. However there is no room to be complacent if this disease is to be eradicated in order that it stops having such a significantly negative influence on all communities.

Sources: and the CIA Factbook