Our first public fundraising effort

A lot of things have already been achieved at the centre, but with your help, we want to do even more tangible things for it and for the schools that our kids attend.

The first idea was to have a black-tie dinner in a pretty little Oxfordshire village called Little Milton in order to raise funds for some of the up-coming projects. For example electrification, converting one well into another borehole, buying more furniture, books and even a computer.

We have gone for the 10th of December 2010 which makes the event positively festive in its timing. The venue is The Pine Lodge.

All the proceeds will go directly to projects at the home so we are planning on running a VERY lean ship to get to our goal. Raising £800. If things go well this can then be an annual event, in fact even if things don’t go well we will probably continue with such efforts because the stakes are too high for us not to succeed.

So please have a look at our events page for details and we hope you can join us to help make this event wonderful at this special time of year.


St, where we talk about ourselves, you and community organisations

For a while now it’s been acknowledged that maintaining a website is a good way of letting people know about yourself and what you do. That’s all well and good, but blogging is one of those things you need to do often and with some substance. As far as we at St Tabeth can see, that’s quite difficult to pull off if one is mostly talking about themself.

We now realise the error of our ways and can assure anyone reading this that we will talk about ourselves much as possible! We’ll pad out our life story with a few articles about you, just so you can come here often of course! And some articles about the sector, just so they can pay us some attention!

We’re quite sure that with that genius strategy, visitors to this blog will get some insight in and amongst the information on this website.