About us

Welcome to St Tabeth, a children’s home in Chidoma, Zimbabwe.

Midlands Province - Zimbabwe
Chidoma is in Gokwe South District of Zimbabwe

St Tabeth is the realisation of the vision of Gellie Ruzane who in the late 90’s had the desire to help the orphaned children of her home village by building a children’s home that would be dedicated to providing a shelter, food, clothing and education for those unfortunate enough to have lost their parents.

St Tabeth is the result of years of work by a woman of modest standing to do something big for her community.

Today St Tabeth is a fully accredited organisation working to advance its goals to help the orphaned children of Chidoma.

St Tabeth Foundation is a registered PVO (Private Voluntary Organisation) as well as a registered children’s home (SW10/135) by the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare in Zimbabwe.